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03 May 2010 @ 05:30 am
Here's a look at the first still seen from the movie Bel Ami starring Robert Pattinson. I think its safe to say this is going to be one amazing movie! I can't wait to see this.

Source: Protagonist Pictures
These beautiful photos are from the set of Bel Ami in Budapest. These were taken today, Thursday April 1, 2010.
Thank you to Pattinsonslife for the gorgeous photos!


21 February 2010 @ 06:15 pm
Tuned in to Bobby Long. Featured artist of the week is British singer/songwriter Bobby Long

TUNED IN to Bobby Long

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British Pop Culture Examiner

December 8, 4:21 PMBritish Pop Culture ExaminerDonna Peerce

Robert Pattinson and Marcus Foster

A while back, I posted an article that discussed why Rob Pattinson,
Kristen Stewart and other celebrities need and deserve privacy. A good example of this was displayed on Saturday, Dec. 5th as the paparazzi got up front and personal with Robert Pattinson and musician friends, Marcus Foster and Bobby Long. Rob and Bobby went to the Hotel Café in LA on Saturday evening to enjoy the sold-out shows of fellow Brits, Marcus Foster and Blue Roses. When they were leaving, the paparazzi swarmed around them, flashing blinding lights in their faces, probing into the car that picked them up and followed them to their hotel. Rob, Marcus and Bobby seemed overwhelmed, embarrassed and flustered. And, Rob leaned up against a wall and hid his face on it. All these young British musicians wanted to do was have a moment to themselves and enjoy the camaraderie, music, and friendship of one another.

The fans fought back and launched a huge campaign called the Fans Fight Back Initiative against the paparazzi for taking intrusive pictures of Robert Pattinson, Marcus Foster and Bobby Long leaving the Hard Rock Café. Pattinson Online worked with Thinking of Rob and collected almost 1,000 photos from fans (with their hands over their faces) from almost 100 sites in support of their outrage against the paparazzi for their harassment of Rob and his friends.
Following is my article about The Golden Rule (which has been revised and updated) and how this Golden Rule should apply to paparazzi. In addition, I’ve included some suggestions on how Rob and other celebrities might be able to better manage the paparazzi in the future and turn it into a beneficial event instead of an intrusive one. First, though, consider the following:

Think about it. What if you wanted to just run to Starbuck’s for a cup of coffee and sit for a while all by yourself, reading the newspaper or writing in your journal? What if you decided to run to your neighborhood grocery store in your “at-home” sweats and ratty-tatty t-shirt for a tube of toothpaste? What if you decided to go out for a nice, relaxing dinner with friends where you can talk about anything in the world? Or, what if you just wanted to go for a walk and be by yourself for a little while, or hold hands with a significant other? And what if each time you did this, you were met with flashing, blinding lights and screams from paparazzi and fans – all wanting your attention? It would be enough to make even the strongest of souls cringe and want to hide away from the world.
When filming Twilight Saga: New Moon in the spring of 2009, fans swarmed the set locations in Canada by the hundreds. When Rob, Kristen and other actors and crew went to Italy for some of the final scenes, there were so many fans there, the director and crew could barely move around. Security became an even greater headache for the producers. Then, in New York this past summer, Rob was semi-mauled by a fan on the streets and even brushed by a taxi when filming Remember Me, due to be released in 2010. Do fans think that Rob and other actors enjoy this? Don’t they realize they’re crossing the line of privacy and respect? Would they like to be treated the same way?

Twilight stars Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are now enjoying having Twilight Saga: New Moon as the #1 movie in the world. The young stars are tracked by fans to their hotel and favorite restaurants and to any shows where Rob’s friends Marcus Foster, Sam Bradley or Bobby Long are playing.

Fans travel from all over the world to track their vampire heroes in the hopes of getting a picture or an autograph. Some have succeeded, many more have failed. It’s all scary, actually.
Why have people crossed the line and feel it’s O.K. to barge in on people’s private lives?
It is a sign of our times. Civility has all but died. As exemplified in Kanye West’s rude behavior at the 2009 VMA’s when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, civility is now missing from America and quite possibly, the world. On Jay Leno’s TV talk show on Wednesday night, September 16th, he mentioned that people are no longer civil to one another. Good manners have left the building. The thing is, there’s a fine line between showing a celebrity that you like them versus harassing them.
A celebrity – like any of us – needs alone time and private time. When somebody becomes famous, everyone wants to know everything about them. Somehow, fans feel that it’s O.K. to run up to them and snap pictures whether they’re sitting quietly at dinner or walking down a sidewalk. This is an invasion of privacy. Pure and simple. People might say, “That’s the price of fame.” But, it’s not. It’s being rude, inconsiderate and thoughtless. There is a Golden Rule that says, “Treat everyone as you’d like to be treated.”
To apply the Golden Rule, simply ask yourself, "How would I like to be treated in the same situation?" Then treat the other person that way. When we say, "Treat others as you would like to be treated," this includes all other people, not merely those who happen to be with us at the moment. So, we must also consider the impact of our actions on all other people – including celebrities – not only those immediately before us. When we say "in the same situation," this means that our roles and personalities must be mentally reversed, so that we see the situation from the other person's point of view, trying to understand his or her needs and desires as if they were our own.
Bobby Long
So, put yourself in Rob’s shoes or Kristen’s shoes, or even Marcus Foster’s, Sam Bradley's and Bobby Long’s shoes. How would you feel? Makes a big difference, doesn’t it? Would you like it if thousands of people screamed at you when you walked down the street or stood on stage? Would you like it if you were writing in your journal in a café, sipping a cup of espresso and suddenly, the windows were lined with paparazzi? It would hurt my ears and make my stomach churn. It would make me want to wear a wig and big glasses to hide my identity. It would make me want to duck out the back door through the kitchen. It would make me hate the public.
Celebrities appreciate their fans. They know they wouldn’t be in the limelight if it weren’t for those fans; but they do not appreciate the paparazzi when they cross a line. (The paparazzi aren’t fans – they’re photographers!) There’s a boundary that consists of being thoughtful, good manners and common courtesy.
Following are a few suggestions on ways to handle the paparazzi!
John Mayer is a good example of someone who knows how to manage the paparazzi. He befriends them. He talks to them and walks with them. He takes the camera and turns it on them and gets video of the paps. He plays pranks on them. He has fun with it and doesn’t take it very seriously. Recently, one of the paps gave John a present to show his gratitude.
John Mayer
Just goes to show that if a celebrity uses some ingenuity and creativity, he can turn the paparazzi into a good thing (or at least a better thing!) Take the evening of the Hotel Café incident last Saturday. Rob could have stopped, smiled and said, “Guys, I’d like you to meet my good friends, Marcus Foster and Bobby Long. Marcus just played a great show at the Hotel Café. Here, get a photo of them.” The paps would have been pleasantly surprised. They would have taken a few photos, shaken hands with the guys and all would have been well. This would have given Marcus and Bobby some much needed publicity as well.
Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton, one of the most photographed singers in the world, once said in an interview that she told God if she ever made it big, she would never complain about fans wanting photos or autographs, and would never complain when the paparazzi wanted a photo. She said to this day that she’s grateful for all the attention. She simply stops and smiles when the paparazzi approach her. She also mentioned that if you don’t want your photo taken because you don’t look great, then don’t leave your house looking bad. That when you’re a celebrity, you have to be “on” at all times.
Granted, some paparazzi are scum and will do anything to get a photo. Hiding in trees and bushes and taking photos of someone in their home or in compromising situations is reckless and invasive. But, taking photos in public places can be expected and that’s when celebrities can use them to their advantage.
Paparazzi could learn a lesson from the Golden Rule too. They could be polite and only take photos at photo op opportunities when the stars are dressed and ready for the occasion. Or, they could show some respect and ask if they can take a photo. Most celebrities would oblige. What goes around, comes around. Paps should follow this Golden Rule. Someday, somewhere, the paps will get their payback if they continually invade someone’s privacy.
One of the big consequences of this invasion of privacy is that it puts immense pressure on these celebrities. On top of that pressure, celebrities also have the pressure of autograph hounds who have no problem approaching them at their dinner table in a restaurant or on a sidewalk because they seem to believe at all celebrities desire to be interrupted for autographs or photos when they are trying to just go about their lives like a regular person. After all, before they were a celebrity, they were just a “regular person.”
Another example of this invasion of privacy was the breakdown of Susan Boyle, the first runner-up and YouTube sensation on Britain's Got Talent. She experienced an emotional breakdown from all the paparazzi and attention after she became famous in England. She had to be admitted to a private clinic in London Sunday for treatment of exhaustion, according to Britain's Daily Mail.
Boyle later admitted she was just exhausted from all the media hype. She had become a huge celebrity overnight and wasn’t equipped to deal with the fans and frenzy that are part of the celebrity world today.

Rob, Kristen, Marcus, Bobby, Sam, and all celebrities have feelings and they can be as fragile as anybody else. Some deal with it by using drugs and/or alcohol. Others deal with it by hiding. Celebrities need privacy and alone time like everyone else. They need to be able to go to Starbuck’s and get a cup of coffee without the paparazzi swarming the doors. They need to be able to just “be.”
Fortunately, there are some places in America that still have good manners, thank goodness. Nashville, for example.
Keith Urban and Nicold Kidman
In Nashville, where many musicians and famous actors reside, celebrities intertwine daily with the city like one of the “regular folks.” Often, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban can be seen at the theater on a Friday night, wearing jeans, eating popcorn and watching a movie like everyone else. They are also often seen shopping at Whole Foods or having lunch there. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are the same. They shop at Target, run by the mall and do what everyday people do. They live.
The neat thing about Nashville is that no one bothers them. There’s no paparazzi in Nashville and the general people respect them. People might smile at them and nod, but that’s the extent of it. Maybe it’s the South. Maybe this is one place where the Golden Rule is still practiced. Maybe there’s still a shred of decency and good manners left in the South. Maybe it’s all that good ole Southern food of biscuits and fried chicken; maybe it’s the front porches on people’s homes where people like to sit and watch the evening sun; maybe it’s the friendliness. Whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t change.
Meanwhile, perhaps Rob, Kristen, Marcus Foster, Bobby Long, Sam Bradley and all the other celebrities out there can emulate a little bit of what John Mayer and Dolly Parton do…they turn the tables on the paparazzi and “use” them to their advantage. It goes a long way in promoting good faith and getting the paps on “their” sides. And maybe next time, the paps will be a bit more respectful and not so invasive. One can only hope.
To learn more about the Fans Fight Back Initiative, visit Pattinson Online: http://www.robert-pattinson.co.uk and Thinking of Rob at: http://thinkingofrob.wordpress.com.

Source: Examiner.com
06 November 2009 @ 09:00 pm
Sam Bradley (Photo by Vanessa Heins)

Sam Bradley Rushed For Twilight Fans

11/06/09 5:25pm

by Stephanie Joudrey (CHARTattack)


Sam Bradley may have gotten his name out to millions of screaming girls because of his connection to the Twilight soundtrack, but now he's ready to move forward with leagues of new fans and a brand new EP.

While he's grateful for the popularity his friendship with Twilight star Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen in the series) has gained him, it's time Bradley — whose song "Too Far Gone" is a version of Pattinson's "Never Think" that appeared on last year's Twilight soundtrack — made a name for himself.

"I'm not sick of the hype that surrounds me because I want to live up to it," he says. "I want to be heard.

"Am I getting weary of the word 'Twilight'? Sure. Am I offended when somebody asks me about it? No. I was part of it in a small way. That is my step in on a global scale and now I flip it around."

Bradley's self-titled EP came out in August and made iTunes charts in Canada and the U.K. The six songs he delivers are raw, diverse and, he admits, a little rushed. The sudden fame that came his way courtesy of Twilight may have pushed him into the studio a little prematurely.

"Although I had an audience before, this was obviously a far greater one," he says. "I was going to make an album probably two or three months later. I was ready to be heard but I maybe wasn't ready to record."

This EP was recorded in his hometown of Vancouver and in Paris, France with his former stepfather. He recorded 16 songs, though listeners can only get their grubby hands on six for now. Bradley decided after putting his hard earned money into the sessions that the other 10 songs just weren't ready for others' ears yet.

"I believed in the songs so much and I didn't feel that all of them had reached their potential," he says. "I definitely felt the need to release something. I feel like once you release something you can't really release it again... I picked six songs that displayed some diversity and showed a little light and dark as far as the subject matter and vocal performance goes."

You can check out Sam Bradley now on tour with fellow Canadian singer songwriter Justin Nozuka here:

Nov. 6 Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
Nov. 7 Annapolis, MD @ Rams Head On Stage
Nov. 10 Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage
Nov. 11 Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge
Nov. 12 Chicago, IL @ Park West
Nov. 13 Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theatre
Nov. 14 Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
Nov. 17 Boulder, CO @ The Fox Theatre
Nov. 19 Austin, TX @ Antone's
Nov. 20 Houston, TX @ Meridian
Nov. 21 Dallas, TX @ The Loft
Nov. 24 La Jolla, CA @ Porter's Pub
Nov. 25 Hermosa Beach, CA @ Saint Rocke
Nov. 27 Pomona, CA @ The Glass House
Nov. 28 Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
Nov. 29 San Fransico, CA @ Great American Music Hall
Dec. 1 Eugene, OR @ John Henry's
Dec. 2 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
Dec. 3 Seattle, WA @ Neumo's

Source: Chartattack
If you didn't have the opportunity to see Marcus Foster when he was in NYC this past summer, you will have a chance to see him again this coming December. Marcus will be performing at the Mercury Lounge on Friday, December 18, 2009 along with Blue Roses. Tickets are on sale now. Be sure to get yours, you don't want to miss the chance to see this amazing artist.

Marcus Foster


Blue Roses


The Mercury Lounge
Fri 12/18
Doors 10:30 PM
$10 adv / $12 dos
Marcus Foster
Marcus Foster is a London born musician and studies sculpture at the Royal College of Art. He grew up listening to Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and Sister Rosetta Tharp giving him a raw, honest and timeless sound. His songs are currently featured in two motion pictures; Twilight and Five Dollars a Day, and he’s about to embark on a tour of America in August.
Blue Roses
Official Website
Yorkshire is full of towns where nothing much happens, or so they’d have you believe. Laura Groves either didn’t hear, didn’t believe or simply knew better and on the edge of seventeen began writing songs.

With an old family piano and a borrowed guitar, thinking of the records she loved, lyrics that broke her heart, phrasing that made it race, composers cradling her aspirations. Influences spanning genres and generations; from Bartók to Bush, Tiersen to Tears For Fears, Debussy to Du Maurier. She dreamt of writing, arranging, performing and producing an album that would be as treasured by someone else, and hopefully inspire them in the same way.

The journey from then until now has not only given her more years, but more confidence, more experience of life, the courage to let the music express when words seem too restrictive. The name Blue Roses is encompassing; it is more than just one person and their sole aspirations, it is what happened in making the album- this process gave the need for another, more representative name. Blue Roses is the story, with Laura Groves as the protagonist. Included is a cast of family members to play instruments and a choir of firm friends, acquaintances and perfect strangers gathered together in a café to help. A small amount of money and a little faith was stretched with the benevolence and enthusiasm of those who stood at each door. From recording in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms in various houses, to recording a Steinway in a local piano shop (a millionaire, who despite having paid a five-figure sum for the concert grand piano, was enchanted enough by the story and the music to allow Laura to record with it before it was moved to entertain guests his Lake District hotel). The equipment graciously bought and generously lent, (most of which was older than Laura herself, some of which was of pensionable age) put her on a sonic par with her idols and instilled in her a romance which translated through the Neumann, the Gibson and Wurlitzer, the Neve. The valves, the plates, the springs, the tape, transformers and circuitry are as musical as the instruments and voices passing through them, and are part of the story, the colour between the lines.

Instant praise is neither expected nor sought; Blue Roses is not the stuff of lists, tip offs or hollow press recommendations; this is not recollection, it is realisation. It is not music to be forced onto the public for social measurements, or on the merit of affiliation. Blue Roses is to be found, kept and cherished; it is to be absent as the dust begins to settle, and longed for as ambience resumes. Blue Roses is the serendipity that can only happen when you thought you’d stopped looking; as you realise how life sounds without it, you begin again.

05 September 2009 @ 08:55 am

British stars, Rob Pattinson, Bobby Long, Sam Bradley and others bring WOW factor to dressing up

Bobby Long

When an actor or musician becomes famous, people take notice. They notice their music, their roles in movies, their relationships, their personalities, and their individual styles.  It’s part of the fun and the price of becoming famous. The British lads – Robert Pattinson and his friends are quickly setting trends and the world is following. Many articles have been written about the hobo-homeless-grunge look of Rob Pattinson and his musician friends, Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, Tom Sturridge and others. They are 23 year olds who don’t seem to mind what the world thinks of their style and they seem to enjoy wearing any kind of clothes they want, be it grunge, “homeless/hobo” chic or tuxedos. This is a credit to them since many young celebrities are completely absorbed with their looks and have to wear designer clothes even to the gym. Instead, Rob and his friends are humble and down-to-earth. They are brilliant and talented, knowing that clothes do not make the artist. And while many articles have been written about their grunge look, it is fair to note that these British BFFs also know how to dress up and bring the wow factor to the fashion world when it suits them.  

Beautiful and darkly handsome and a towering 6’2” tall, Bobby Long, who is one of Robert Pattinson’s best friends of the newly-dubbed Brit-Pack, co-wrote the song “Let Me Sign” which Rob performs on the 2008 Twilight movie soundtrack. This opened the doors for Bobby and has quickly launched him into a world of fame. He is currently selling out venues all over the U.S., Canada and Europe. When Bobby first heard that his song was going to be on the Twilight soundtrack, he went out and bought a suit, according to one of his interviews. Dressed in tailored blazers and dark shirts, Bobby brings a lot of wow to his style and persona.
Rob Pattinson at the Oscars 
Rob Pattinson has often joked about his casual clothes and “holes in his shoes” during interviews. Yet, when he attended the Oscars in February 2009, he wore a sleek, black Armani tuxedo. No hobo jeans for him. With his lightly tossed hair and subtle patch of stubble on his chin, he was stunning.
Marcus Foster
Rob’s good friend, Marcus Foster, who co-authored "Let Me Sign," and taught Rob how to play guitar, seems to enjoy styled blazers, ties and shirts for his dress-up look. He just completed a summer U.S. and European tour where he played at sold-out venues. He is expected to return to the U.S. in November for an autumn tour, which will no doubt be sold out. (He may or may not be wearing dressy blazers and shirts. It won’t matter. People love his music!)
Tom Sturridge
Tom Sturridge, another of the Brit-Pack is starring with Rachel Bilson in the 2009 movie, Waiting For Forever, which is directed by Stacy Keach. Even Tom, who has been photographed all over New York in the grunge look, knows how to dress up when needed for a special event and looks gorgeous in dark suits and trendy ties.
Sam Bradley 
Another of Rob’s best friends and member of the Brit-Pack is Londoner and Canadian, Sam Bradley, who wrote “Never Think,” with Rob on the Twilight soundtrack. Sam has always liked to dress up when he performs, but also knows how to relax with jeans and t-shirts when the event calls for it. Of all these British lads, Sam sports a more urban artist look that’s fashionable, artistic and cosmopolitan. Approachable while still looking professional and put-together. The fashion story behind this look is one of approachability, pragmatism and a youthful extroversion that is playful and bereft of pretense. Sam just completed a successful U.S. and Canadian tour this summer with plans for a fall and winter tour. His new EP, which can be purchased at www.Sambradley.com is making waves all over the U.S. and world. He has also just released a new music video called “Sea Blue” which can be viewed on his website, plus:
MySpace Page: http://www.myspace.com/sambradley06
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/samueltube1
So, while Old Man Winter is not far from blustering along, knocking the multi-colored leaves from trees and setting astir a bit of chill in the air, fans of these British lads can take note and dress up for a change instead of sticking to the grunge look. After all, the winter season presents one of the greatest opportunities for a gentleman to showcase his personal style – herringbone topcoats, wool-cashmere blend sweaters, fur-lined leather jackets, tuxedos, blazers – all perfect for dressing up. For some reason, the British – especially Rob and his BFFs – look gorgeous in this dress-up look. It probably doesn’t hurt that they have a beautiful accent which helps carry the look and inspire dreams.

Source: Examiner.com - Donna Peerce

Bobby Long and Marcus Foster: Power of the Fans

By Liz Ohanesian in Synthful

Bobby Long and Marcus Foster live

Last May, when Sam Bradley played to sold out crowds at LA's Hotel Cafe, the British/Canadian singer-songwriter was treated to screams from fans who traveled from across the country, a lengthy meet-and-greet session and a sneak attack from the paparazzi. All this for a singer who doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry.

Expect Bradley's chums Bobby Long and Marcus Foster to follow suit, when the similarly young, but obviously talented, troubadours take over Hotel Cafe for the rest of the week. Like Bradley, Long and Foster are best known for their co-writing credits on the soundtrack for Twilight, where they collaborated with mutual friend Robert Pattinson.

The three friends all have the basics down pat. They write catchy songs with intelligent, witty lyrics. They put together simply, yet captivating performances. They have a certain appeal to people who grew up listening to Jeff Buckley. But, all you have to do is listen to KCRW for a few hours or stop by Hotel Cafe on any given night to know that there are a lot of up-and-coming musicians who fall into this category. What makes these artists ones to watch, though, are their fans.

Using the name Land of Dreamers, followers of the three are not just a devoted bunch, but a savvy one. They've essentially formed a street team, making their own flyers to pass out at shows and taking an evangelical approach to social networking, particularly on Twitter. Their organizational skills are top-notch as well. After a few weeks of heavy promotion at the hands of LOD, Foster's EP topped iTunes singer-songwriter chart in the first day of its release. What makes this even more interesting is the organic nature of the campaign. LOD isn't connected to any of the artists' management. They're simply fans, very active ones who have a good sense of how to create a marketing campaign and have been able to accomplish what labels often can't, even with ample budgets. Simply put, if Foster, Long and Bradley break in the US, it won't be because of Twilight so much as it will be because of Land of Dreamers.

Bobby Long plays Hotel Cafe tonight and Thursday, with two performances at the latter event. Marcus Foster will hit up the same venue on August 7 and 8.

LA Weekly